Larry J. AuBuchon, Sr.
Alice M. AuBuchon
Apache Junction, AZ

Alice and I both enjoy ham radio. We are members of Sunlife Radio Club in Mesa, AZ. We like to encourage people to be active in ham radio. You are never too old or too young (we are both in our 70s). I upgraded to Extra Class in 2016. Alice upgraded to General Class in 2018. I am a VE and active in the ARRL examinations as well as a VE for the Laurel Group. I (Larry) have been a ham for over 30 years and Alice has been a ham for over 17 years. We enjoy the hobby. Alice is at my side helping me with our antennas. If you come to Arizona for the Winter, we would like to invite you to come to the Sunlife Amateur Radio Club. We meet every Monday from October thru April. We have what we call Snowbird Field Days and also have a Christmas Party. We are just an active group of hams.

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